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Wilmer Jay Miller is an Emeritus Professor at Iowa State University; Department of Zoology/Genetics from 1994 Wilmer was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma, 15 July 1925. He attended and graduated from Lawton High School, 1942; then he attended Cameron State Agricultural College (now University), 1944, Associate in Science. Wilmer attended also the University of Oklahoma (Norman) with a BA in Zoology; the University of Wisconsin (Madison) with a PhD in Genetics and Zoology with a thesis on pigeon and dove species hybrids and their blood types. At the University of California he was an Associate Specialist in School of Veterinary Medicine, Serology Laboratory, specializing in cattle blood typing. He worked for Iowa State University from 1962-1994 teaching and performing research in the Department of Genetics; later Department of Zoology/Genetics.  
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