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Wilmer J. Miller 

Note: In the following table, the wild type row contains as much of the wild type color and pattern genotype as is presently known. Only the mutant genotypes are printed in the rest of the table. If the genotype for a particular locus is not included, it is assumed to be wild type. For example, D+//_ Al+//Al+ iv//iv pi//pi Ry+//Ry+ Fr+//Fr+ Ta+//Ta+ M+//M+ is the complete genotype for an ivory pied dove, at present. But only the mutant portion of the genotype, iv//iv pi//pi, appears in the table. This is generally accepted usage because it minimizes space and focuses attention on the loci that are not wild type. However, not printing the wild type portion of the genotype does not mean that those loci are absent from the birds' genome.

Genotype Color Description Eye color
D+//_ Al+//_ Iv+//_ Pi+//_ Ry+//_ Fr+//Fr+ Ta+//Ta+ M+//M+ ...  


Genotype Color Description Eye color
dB//_ blond = fawn dilutes dark = tan near wild type
dw//_ white extreme dilute, under tail bar still noticable orange; slower to acquire
al//al albino blocks melanin; epistatic to color pinkish
iv//iv ivory looks diluted gray; bleached tail bar mottled in all combinations
pi//pi pied patchs of color vs white; grizzled as juvenile black
ry//ry rosy reddish back and wing shields, head lavender, brownish tail bar and neck ring near wild type
Fr//+ Frosty mid feathers of flights grizzled, more tail white; end bill stripe ~1/4" long, 1/16"wide; cool bluish plumage; neck ring whitish tips, often white head flecks. dark; red iris reduced
Fr//Fr Lethal usually dead embryo by hatching,  but few may die later. N/A
Ta//+ Tangerine reddish; gray flights and neck ring; flecked; tail bar reduced. If also M//M can be pearled. dark
Ta//Ta Tangerine pearled or white back clear reddish; near white flights and neck ring; tail bar drastically reduced; bill tip whitish dark red and black
Minimal pearled a few feathers with whitish centers  
Ta//Ta M+//M ? moderate pearled much like a cockatiel but less pearling  
Ta//Ta M//M?   Tangerine White back Evidently controlled by a modifier locus




Genotype Color Description Eye color
dw//_ pi//pi black eye white Plumage nearly all white; undertail may show some few feathers with proximal barring.  black
dw//_ iv//iv white Plumage nearly all white; undertail shows diluted (faded or bleached) barring. mottled
dw//_ ry//ry clear white under tail bar just barely noticable orange
dB//_ iv//iv blond ivory near white with black neck neck ring; tail bar is barely bleached mottled
dB//_ pi//pi blond pied blond with patches of white black
dB//_ ry//ry peach dilute rosy = peach color near wild type
al//al iv//iv albino albino mottled
iv//iv ry//ry heavy cream light tan or sandy color; brown neck ring mottled
dB//_ iv//iv ry//ry light cream resembles risen cream in whole milk; tan neck ring mottled
iv//iv pi//pi ivory pied ivory with patches of white mottled; black eye?
dB//_ iv//iv pi//pi blond ivory pied blond ivory with patches of white mottled; black eye?
pi//pi ry//ry pied rosy rare exceptions may look blond pied black
dB//_ pi//pi ry//ry   peach with patches of white black
dB//_ iv//iv pi//pi ry//ry light peaches and cream = blond cream pied. Patches of light cream color in otherwise white plumage. mottled
iv//iv pi//pi ry//ry cream pied dark peaches and cream mottled
dw//_ Ta//?+ pink pinkish white; No tail bar dark
dw//_ Ta//Ta pink pearled pinkish white pearled dark
dB//_ Ta//+ orange orange with light gray flights & neck ring; flecks dark
dB//_ Ta//Ta orange pearled orange to pearling to white back dark
iv//iv Ta//+ apricot (champagne) tan; ghost tail bar; gray neck ring mottled
iv//iv ry//ry Ta//+ cream; ghost tan; ghost tail bar; neck ring light gray mottled
ry//ry Ta//(Ta) rosy tangerine two toned; mauve-purple head and neck; reddish pearled dark
dB//_ Fr//+ blond frosty blond; midflights grizzled; end bill stripe Near normal
dB//_ Fr//_ ry//ry coral (sunkist) Grizzled peach near wild type
dB//_ ry//ry Ta//Ta peach, gray ring peach with gray neck ring; pearled  
Fr//+ Ta//+ ash ash red pencilled, a few dark flecks sometimes resembling feather lice; much resembles ash red in male pigeons. dark; red iris reduced
Fr//+  iv//iv plantinum Frosty ivory  
Fr//+ Ta//Ta violet neck violet or mauve front of neck plus traces color  
dB//_ Fr//+ Ta//+ blond ash light ash dark; red iris reduced
dB//_ Fr//+ Ta//Ta pink neck pink front of neck plus traces  
D+//_ Fr//_ ry//ry    Rose (roan) Pink grizzled shield; brownish tail bar and neckring pupil dark, iris reddish
Fr//+ pi//pi Ice Very few colored feathers, often on the rump; often mottled beak dark eyes
dw Fr//+ Snow white all white feathers, even under the tail. dark eyes
Ta_ pi//pi pied tangerine (Chinmoy) pied white with tangerine patches
dB Ta_pi//pi (pied orange (Chinmoy) pied white with orange patches  





eye color



total lack of reddishbrown phaeomelanin. Total appearance bluish gray. Neckring and tailbar normal black

near wild type


color head

head light gray with mauve shine. Neckring blackish gray. Rest of body almost white. Pigmentation depents on temperature like the Himalayan mutant in rabbits (= acromelanistic)



white black collared

like very diluted ivory but with black neckring and black tailbar. Mid feathers of flights not grizzled.

mottled pink


marked pied

neckring, back, wings, rump and tail colored with hardly white feathers. On wingshields always a patch of white. Head, breast, belly and undertailcoverts white with hardly any colored feathers. Grizzled as juvenile.




tips of all feathers more or less pigmentless. Phaeomelanin more affected as eumelanin. Homozygous doves more ‘grizzled’ as heterozygous. Big differences in ‘grizzling’ effect between individuals.

near wild type


    Dove color genotypes phenotypes, Origins of ringnecks, Stubby dwarf ringnecks, Minerals, Mourning dove, Doves are delightful, Genetics of Ringnecks, Absence of Bill Ring, Pigeon Colors, Feral pigeons

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