When I was running at ISU old gym, I got five T-shirts for 250 miles each year. I did run 500 miles/year for 3 years but they did not give me T-shirts for the extra miles. The leather? incased mug (uppers center) was for winning in my age class in a New Year's run. Now 2002, many years later with branchiectasis, I am only walking. The dark blue (upper left) T-shirt, white towel and mug are for a recent exercise class supervised by Kelly Erpelding.

Induced by Bill Schworm to start----
Track (running) records of Wilmer J. Miller  (probably 48-58 years of age?)

 440:         72 sec.
1 mile:         5:50 min:sec
2 miles:     12:56
3 miles:     20:30
4 miles:     28:30
6 miles:     45:00
9.3 miles
or 15,000 meters :    76:12  AAU
10 miles:    94 min.

Usual ISU exercise in gym: 3 miles 3 times a week
Also alternate 3 versus 7 miles 3-4 times a week.
Longest distance continuous run: 19 1/2 miles  three times: Once from Lawton home to Herbert Woesner's Cache place, twice in Ames by Gilbert by WFH place from home 218 Parkridge Circle