Talk by Dr. Wilmer Jay Miller  at "NYBS (National Young Bird Show) at Louisville, KY   25-26 October 2002."

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Jeff Downing &
Wilmer Miller

Red-Shouldered hawk. Drawn by Jeff Downing.

Wilmer, John Fowler and his wife

John Fowler

Gary Harding

Kathy &
Charles Hildreth

Jeff Downing, Phil Schultz and Ken Becker

John Pire

Melinda and Dave Rhinehart

Wilmer and Paul Gibson

Larry Long
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Tim Kvidera
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Talk that I presented with verbal explanations after the ADA banquet.

For the Louisville, KY National Young bird -pigeon/dove show: Presentation 7:30PM Friday evening 25 Oct 2002 by Wilmer J. Miller. Executive Inn East in the Label Patio Room. Concurrent verbal explanation.

Minimal terms to know for Genetic manipulation and prediction: Allele- alternative form(s) of a gene (often, or usually, can be called a mutant).

Chromosome- DNA carriers of genes controlling heredity. One set comes from the father and one "matching" set comes from the mother.

Gene- linear order of certain organic bases on chromosomes controlling a particular character. Named as a letter or letters of the alphabet indicative of the character, as L = lace or silky, al = albino. Capital letters for dominants, and lower case for recessive genes.

Genotype- the genetic symbolization of controlling genes; e.g. al//al L//+ (or in the short version: al al L + controlling the phenotype albino silky. For space considerations and reduction of "clutter", the // indicating the chromosomes is omitted.

Phenotype- that which shows or is detected without direct reference to controlling genes; e.g. albino silky.

Heterozygous- possessing unlike alleles (genes) at a locus on a chromosome. (split)

Homozygous- possessing like (double dose of the same) genes at a locus on a chromosome. ("Pure")

Codominant- a gene or character showing its effect in one dose and a different effect (usually more extreme) when homozygous.

Dominant- a gene or character showing its complete effect in one dose (able to hide the presence of an unlike allele).

Recessive- a gene or character showing its effect only when homozygous (present in double dose).

P1 – purebred parental generation
F1 – first Filial generation (from a cross of different P1)
F2 - second filial generation (from a cross of F1 among themselves)
TC = testcross from a cross of an F1, or equivalent, to a recessive genotype.

[Why "split" is not a good usage? It can refer to two or more genes/characters at two or more loci. It can refer to dominants as well as recessives, and fanciers seem to use it mainly for recessives.]

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Dihybrid Testcross:

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