Original Compositions [unfinished] by Wilmer J. Miller

For recorders played on the computer by the computer.


Composition Musical Time Approx. Length Voice
1 Exercise 2 4/4 40 sec. 4
2 Exercise 1 3/4 50 sec. 4
3 Exercise 4 3/4 30 sec. 3
4 Try 4/4 21 sec. 4
5 Something 4/4 14 sec. 3
6 Weird 1, 2, 3 4/4 35 sec. 3
7 Busy Five 4/4 1min. 20 sec. 5
8 Peripatetic Waltz 3/4 1min. 5 sec. 3
9 Alto Waltz 3/4 30 sec. 4
10 F Sharp 4/4 34 sec. 3


The Call 4/4 2:10sec 4
12 Waves 4/4 2:20sec 4
13 WJM10 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 1:37sec 4
14 Buffalo Quest



15 Quohada 2/4 1:02Sec 4
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Click here for some Brazilian Folklore music.


wilmer.jpg (14561 bytes)
Wilmer Miller, plays tenor and soprano.

Earl Hammond, plays bass, alto, and soprano.

Bill Robinson, alto and bass.

Gayle Hoepner.jpg (55132 bytes)
Gayle Hoepner, plays tenor and soprano

Ron Fuchs, Oct. 02, plays soprano and tenor

Elosia Mattson, plays soprano, alto and tenor.


Click here for some music of Squaw Creek Recorder Ensemble of Ames.

Click here for Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Flute Group, Ames Iowa

A List of Recorder (fipple) Music used by the Ames Recorder Ensemble,
Ames, Iowa               *a wjm favorite #an Earl Hammond favorite 
Our Current [2002] Group consists of:

     Soprano- Ron Fuchs, Barbara Pleasants,   Irmi Schewe-Miller    
     Alto- William (Bill) S. Robinson;          "     "
     Tenor- Wilmer J. Miller, Gayle L. Hoepner, "     "
     Bass- Earl Hammond
           Elosia Mattson (Soprano,Alto and Tenor)

DUETS:      TITLE                       COMPOSER

     Two-Part Invention #2, #13        Bach, J. S.
     Trois Suites SA                   de Boismortier, Joseph Bodin
     SS Air from Persée                Lully, J. B.
     Canzonettas in two parts          Morley, Thomas
     Fantasia Il Grillo                Morley, Thomas
     Little Recorder Book SA           Persichetti, Vincent

     Fugue in C Major                  Bach
     To a Wild Rose *                  MacDowell
     Claire de Lune                    De Bussey
     Playford - the Dancing Master and Gay - the Beggar’s Opera
        1. the Galloping Nag           10. Packington’s Pound
        2. Parson Among the Peas       13. Lambeth Wells
        3. Drive the Cold Winter Away*
        7. Hole in the Wall            Tudor Trios - King Henry VIII
        8. Amaryllis                   Fantasia-Dorian Mode
    3 movements Sub Tuum, Praesidium   Anon.
    Fugue in B minor                   Albrechtsberger
    Pastorals Barab, Seymour ??        American Recorder Society
    Polonaise                          Bach
   (5 movements)                       Barrell
    Hungarian Folk Song Settings (6 m.) Bartok
    Suite                              Bauer
    Trio Op. 87 (11 pages)             Beethoven
    2 Fantasias for 3 recorders        Byrd
    The Nightingale                    Byrd, Wm.
    Trio Stücke                        Cooke
    3 Pieces for Recorder Trio (1 missing) Etler
    Suite for Recorders                Faber
        1.Ouverture, 2. Bourree, 3. Air, 4. Marche, 5. Menuets, 6. Air
    Partita for Recorder Trio          Haydn
    Trio: 2nd Handel Album (several m.) Handel
    The Entertainer                    Joplin, Scott
    Heliotrope Bouquet                 Joplin and Chauvin
    Reindeer Rag                       Lamb, Joseph
    Songs and Dances (5 movements)     Koch
    Theme and Variations on a Melody arr. by
        from Mozart’s Don Giovanni     (Maximuk, Alan)
    8 pieces and Balletto for 3 recorders Monteverdi
    Philomela                          Morley
    Mozart Album (10 movements)        Mozart
    Two Fugues                         Pachelbel, Johann
    several movements                  Philidor
    The Wifey’s Tale                   Strickland
    Concerto in G minor (long)         Vivaldi
    Concerto Movement For Recorder Trio Vivaldi, Antonio
    5 renaissance Manuscripts
    4 Chansons from Renaissance Recorder
Special voices: SI, SH, A
    Fantasia #3                        Byrd
    Divertimento (5 movements)         Haydn
    Suite in C major (4 movements)     Handel
    Terzetto                           Hook, James
    Trio (several movements)           Mozart
    Allegro                            Mozart
    Postlude                           Persichetti
    Passions und Ostergesangen         Praetorius
    13 German movements                ...

        A, A, T
    Fantasia #1 Trium Vocum            Holborne
    Sonatina for Tecorder Trio         Woollen
        A, T, B
    Non Nobis Domine                   Byrd
        SI, SH, T
    6 movements                        Weelkes
        S, A, T or S, T, T
    4 15th century Chansons            ...
Three and Four Voices:
     Flauta Doce a Quatro Vozes        arr. by Ruth Janzen
          Dez Cancoes Populares Brasileiras
Quartets: SATB
     The Quartet Recorder Book 1
     Motet #6                          Bach
     fugue in A Minor                  Bach
     Consorta from 4 Nations           anon & various
     Dodecachordon                     [Glareans, Heinrich?]
     10 Chansons                       DeLassus
     Chromatic Fantasia                Diomede
     8 Pieces for Recorder Trio        Farnaby
     3 Fantasias                       Ferrabosco
     3 Fantasias *                     Ferrabosco II
     Recercari et Canzoni              Frescobaldi
     Three 16th-Century Chansons Françaises ....?
     Canzon per Sonare #2              Gabrieli
     In Nomine                         Gibbons, Orlando
     Aus der Wassermusik               Händel, Georg Friedrich
     The MASS                          Issac
          [Gloria, Agnes Dei, Kyrie, Credo]
     Meisterwerke....                  Jenkins
     Fantasia                          Lupo
     Solace: A Mexican Serenade        Joplin, Scott
     5 Canzoni                         Mortaro
          1. La Malvezza 4. La Bertozza
          2. La Zucchella# 5. L’Albergona
          3. La Montana
     Rondeau                           Mouret
     Eine Kleine Nachtmusik            Mozart
     Cantare e Sonare Op. 42           Poser, Hans
     Sinfonien und Gaillarden *        Rossi
     Fantasia #12                      Purcell
     Ten Songs and Dances of the Playhouse Purcell, Henry
     Red Dragonfly *                   Yamada
          Arranged by Richard Geisler
     Masters in This Hall              Ancient French Melody
     Horses’ Bransle                   Arbeau
     Montarde Bransle                  Arbeau
     Once a Fuller I Espied            di Lasso, Orlando
     My Heart Doth Beg                 di Lasso, Orlando
     Matona, Lovely Maiden             di Lasso, Orlando
     O Wanton Time                     di Lasso, Orlando
     O Primavera Madrigal              Luzzaschi, Luzzasco
     Kleines Quartett für Blockflöten  Mondrup, Christian
     Maltese Brasle (Saracens’)        Phalese
     Calon Lan (Shining Heart)         [Wales]
     Frosty, The Snowman               Nelson/Rollins
     Beatus Stephanus #                Willaert, A.
          Special Voices
     SAAT Canzona                      Bach
     SSAT Ayerie Fancies (4 parts)     East
     SAAT Canzona                      Frescobaldi
     SAAT It was a lover               Morley, Thomas
     SS(AT)B Dances from Terpsichore   Praetorius, Michael
     SAAT In Those Delightful Pleasant Groves Purcell, Henry
     SAAT Neun Tänze aus dem Sechzehnten Jahrhundert ..?
     12 German Church Movements
           Schtt’s Archive of Recorder Consorts
     ATTB Quis daibt capiti meo a quam? Isaac
     [SATB Mood Indigo                 (arr. by Maximuk)]
      Fantasia a 5, Nos 1,2,3,4        Balsamo
      Pavan, Galliard and Coranta 1609 Brade
      Missa Brevis                     Buxtehude
      Fantasia a 5 *                   Byrd
      Lacrimae                         Dowland
      First set of Pieces              Ferrabosco II
      Canzon Prima                     Gabrieli
      Ah Dear Heart & The Silver Swan Gibbons, Orlando
      Concerto I                       Handel
      Dances Grave and Light           Holborne
      Third Set of Quintets            Holborne
      The Teares of the Muses          Holborne
      A la Bataglia                    Isaac
      Fantasia and Air                 Lawes
      Suite in F                       Mayr
      English Consort (Several movements) Mayr
      Suite No. 8                      Schein, J.H.
      Fantasia a 5                     Schutz
      Rubum Quem                       Tye
      Madonna                          Tye
      Nunbitten wir den heiligen Geist Walther
      Browning Fantasy *               Woodcock
     Sextets: Six Voices
      Entrada                          Altenburg
      Entradas (several)               Demantius

Carol Baier on the piano and Wilmer on the tenor recorder playing in Martinez, CA




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