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Lotus published paper:
Miller, L.S. (1957). Tracing vole movements by radioactive excretory products. Ecology, Vol. 38, No 1.
Lotus Simon Miller was born 13 Aug 1924 and raised in Portland, Oregon. EDUCATION: A.B., 1946, Reed College in Biology: Senior Thesis on Intertidal Zonation (Phi Beta Kappa), M.S. 1948 U. Wisconsin, Madison, in Zoology, Botany and Wildlife Management , also Ph.D. work under John T. Emlen on Habitat Utilization of Microtus pennsylvanicus (meadow mouse). Published on Tracing home range of M.p. with radioactive phosphorus (1957). Teaching Asst. Zoology Dept. Univ. Wisc. 1946-48, Integrated Liberal Studies program 48-50, 51-52, 53-54. Teaching Asst. Zoology Dept, Univ. Cal. at Davis 56-59, Associate 1959. President of Nature Study Division of Iowa State University Women's Club. Helped organize Ames Conservation Council in 1968, which initiated community drive to save the Ames High School Prairie for education, recreation and research. Charter member and Pres. etc. of Ames Audubon Society (now Big Bluestem Aud. Soc.) which fought to save the Ledges State Park and also the Skunk River Valley from inundation. Member, Friends of Foreign Wives, assisting women from foreign countries to learn conversational English and American culture. She married Wilmer Miller in 1952. Children: Douglas L. and Alan F.

Lotus Simon Miller, March 2000


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